We offer Sunoco and VP Brand Race Fuels for Northeast Ohio.
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Supplying Racing Fuel in Chardon and Painesville

You just race; we will the fuel the competitive in you!

Set the engines starting and signal the throttle noisily. Race with our premium quality racing fuel products, available in 5 gallon pails and 54 gallon drums, at our Chardon and Painesville based gas stations.  

Serving in the fuel industry for more than fifty years, Chardon Oil Company Inc. resources a team of experts that exactly knows how to maximize every single grain of horse power, housed inside your powerful engine.

Supplying racing fuel in Painesville and Chardon, and accessories—we make sure that we provide you the fuel to keep you running in every racing event.

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We only stock the high quality, the race proven, the industry acknowledged racing fuel products – all at market competitive prices.

We only stock the high quality, the race proven, the industry acknowledged racing fuel products – all at market competitive prices. Walk through our inventory and choose:

A Racing Fuel Product that Meets Your Engine’s Octane Requirements
As racers, we all know the importance of octane rating – it is a fuel’s property to resist detonation in the engines. The more aligned the octane ratings are with your car’s engine, the efficient the process of fuel burning. And, to protect your engine from uncalled detonation, Chardon Oil stocks VP Brand and Sunoco race fuels with octane rating from 93 to 117. Choose the product that meets the octane requirements of your engine.

A Racing Fuel Product that Offers Perfect Ignition Timing
As a supplier of racing fuel in Chardon and Painesville, we are often asked by our customers about how important it is for the racing fuel to offer perfect ignition timing. We would like to tell, it should be one of the most important considerations when buying a racing fuel, especially if you want performance driven results.

• If the fuel ignites too late, the piston is already in the middle of the process, which leads to decreased efficiency.

• Similarly, if the fuel ignites too early, the released energy is partially utilized in opposing the piston force, which again leads to reduced performance levels.

At Chardon Oil we understand the fuel ignition dynamics in detail, hence, only stocking racing fuel products that offer perfect ignition timing.

A Racing Fuel Product that Supports the Vintage in Old,
the Modern in New

We offer leaded and unleaded race fuels, so that our customers can choose the one that suits their engine make. It was our love for the vintages that brought us to the idea of stocking leaded racing fuels. And, when we saw oxygen sensors becoming more of a norm, we added the unleaded racing fuels to our catalog.

What race gas products are offered?

We offer Sunoco and VP Brand Race Fuels. The race fuels we offer have range of 93 to 117 octane rating.

Leaded Fuels

  • Sunoco Maximal (Cam II Red)
  • Sunoco Standard (Cam II Purple)
  • Sunoco Supreme (Cam II Blue)
  • VP C-14
  • VP C-16
  • VP U4.4

Unleaded Fuels

  • Sunoco 260 G.T.
  • Sunoco E-85R
  • Sunoco G.T. Plus
  • VP C-12
  • VP MS 109

We also sell Methanol (Racing Alcohol) in drums, pails and special order race fuels!

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